12 films, 2-day conference, 10 days

scotiabank crowd

Another Toronto film festival (TIFF) has ended and once again I’m exhausted.  This year was additionally challenging as I was (and still am) fighting a cold from the beginning.  But it was still an enjoyable process and as usual I am coming out of it motivated and inspired as a visual storyteller and ready to jump back on board to complete my film.


Highlights from this year include:

1) Doc Conference

-my first time attending the 2-day event including keynote speaker Michael Moore.

Key Message: You are not a documentarian, you are a filmmaker.  Put the art before the politics.  People want to be entertained-they want popcorn not medicine.

-Results from the Hot Docs Audience Survey

Key Messsage: The audience for documentaries is there and hungry and willing to pay.  We need more ways to make docs easily accessible.


2) Networking

-catching up with my Program Coordinator from Humber, Donna

-taking notes and sharing ideas with fellow Doc Accelerators

-meeting local and international filmmakers and talking about current projects

-hanging out with my Aussie friend Susan while she is in town


3)  Watching some great new films! 

-Sunshine Superman-amazing 16mm footage from 2 decades of BASE jumping

(8 year project for the Director)

-Seymour: An Introduction-charming and modest subject who is a marvelous pianist

(Directed by Ethan Hawke who I recently saw in the amazing Boyhood)

-Wet Bum-Great Canadian first feature!  A+ performances

-Learning to Drive (allowed myself one American film this year)-refreshing to see a 50+ Actress lead a smart and funny film.

Bonus: Patricia Clarkson was on stage for Q&A!  (and she kept the film idea alive for 9 years)

-The Dark Horse-Great film from New Zealand about former Chess Champion who trains a bunch of at-risk youth (and thanks to Manifesto for discounted price!)  Worth the 8:30am bike ride and skipping a shower.