10 Years of Pi (Part 3 of 3)

In 2008, a friend told me about the Toronto Distribution company Ouat Media (pronounced “What Media”) who took on his short film, so I contacted them. They turned out to be a partner organization to Movieola and I signed a deal for a three-year non-exclusive contract allowing me to also sell DVDs on the side. Later that year I received an exciting message from my sister and friend who were traveling on Air Canada and saw my film in the inflight entertainment listing! Receiving a small payment was a nice bonus as well :)


EASY AS PI continued to play in flights through 2009 and this generated a modest amount of DVD sales. My favourite part of that experience was receiving personal emails from viewers who enjoyed the film and reminisced of their days in school and reciting pi digits. It was great to hear that my film was reaching audiences who identified with the fun-loving mathies and had a connection with the story.

Meanwhile I connected with Elementary, High School and University classrooms and had my film shown at the Michigan Math and Science Academy, Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto, and the University of Toronto. In 2011 I was contacted for an interview with the Toronto Star for a Pi Day article where Lino Demasi from my film made the final cut (my answers, however, were not interesting enough….I wasn’t a true mathie)


Lino aka “Pi” in 2015 March

If you or someone you know are interested to see inside the world of Waterloo Mathies and watch a short, funny, and engaging film each March, please check out the trailer and consider purchasing the digital or DVD option. All funds directly support my current film In The Spotlight.