easy as pi

10th bday


In 2015 we celebrated the film’s 10 Year Anniversary!

Join the party and stream the film for only $3.14!  Available on Vimeo.

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There is more to pi than numbers!

Meet people who show their love of the math symbol pi by memorizing hundreds of its digits, eating lots of pie, and writing a song about pi. This all takes place on pi day, March 14 at 1:59pm, since the first digits of pi are 3.14159…

This was my graduating year film at Humber College and it went on to play in Air Canada In Flight movies as well as Scinema Film Festival in Australia,  Movieola TV, and Math classrooms in Toronto, Michigan and Budapest!

This is a fun and light film you will enjoy a slice of every March or whenever the craving hits.  Happy Pi Day!

Check out the original website here for all the details!