Thank you for considering to support me through the adventures of marketing and distribution to get this film out into the world.  You are welcome to donate any amount you see fit.  If you would like some help in crunching numbers (or have a rich Aunt) I have listed my current expenses below.

Having friends, family, and supporters as my audience for my first feature doc= priceless.

p.s. donations of $50 or more will receive an original Katie Cooper Christmas card in the mail :)

Donate here:  You choose the amount.  Nothing is too small! $2, $5, $15, $20, whatever you can spare will go a long way!

piggie bank





My current expenses include:

  • $130 for two more film festival submissions (Female Eye and Slamdance)
  • $300 for one year of website, online storage, and software costs
  • $342 for marketing materials (business cards, post cards, posters)
  • $3640 in expenses to have my film broadcast ready (Time coded script, Closed captioning, Errors & Omissions Insurance)

Check back before Christmas to see if I reached the goal!